Erin Flemming

A passionate and motivated University of Washington graduate seeking a career in public relations

TVW-Legislative Review clips

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Discover Pass

Education reform

Affordable care act

Certified staff

Teacher evaluations

Senate budget

Below is a comprehensive listing of all the stories I created for the Legislative review program.

Videos of all of them are located on my old website here.

Discover Pass (43:21-47:29)
Education reform (19:37-26:12)
Discover pass (4:27-8:16)
Tax exemptions (7:54-10:28)
Certified staff (4:05-7:32)
Senate budget (4:09-9:19)
School funding (6:16-9:05)
Campaign financing (8:14-11:14)
Low income housing (5:23-8:36)
Child abuse reporting (7:47-10:11)
Teacher evaluations (4:42-9:13)
State need grants (8:02-10:14)
Film incentives (4:10-7:11)
Affordable care act (4:01-7:49)
Floor debate (4:58-8:49)
Termination of pregnancy (5:16-7:12)
Foster care outcomes (6:19-8:12)
Pesticide drift (7:27-11:20)
Single-sex classrooms (3:46-7:49)
Education funding (5:40-8:51)
Teacher evaluations (4:22-9:14)
Guaranteed Education Tuition (8:49-12:37)
Renewable energy (3:56-8:32)
Religious objection to autopsy (1:09-4:23)
Child abuse reporting (6:39-10:36)


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