Erin Flemming

A passionate and motivated University of Washington graduate seeking a career in public relations

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House passed motion picture incentive bill

Gov. Gregoire signs teacher evaluation bill

Scenes from the final day of regular session: A Photo Gallery

Interviews with lawmakers on Sine Die

Gov. Gregoire wants a budget deal before Sine Die

Senate passes Discover Pass bill

Week 8: Let’s Review

Ways and Means committee hears Senate operating budget

Newt Gingrich visits state capitol

Beef Day at the Capitol: A Photo Gallery

Farm internship bill heard in the House

New teacher evaluation bill heard in House committee

Hundreds wait outside the reception room for Gov. Gregoire to sign same-sex marriage bill

Religious objection to autopsy bill passes through Senate

A bill regarding political ad disclosure passes through House

Same-sex marriage vote in the House: A photo gallery

Bill dealing with roll-your-own cigarettes heard in the House

This week’s Q&A: Rep. Bruce Dammeier on education priorities

Senate considers bill in response to ethics violations

Two state lawmakers join support of same-sex marriage

This week’s Q&A: Rep. Adam Kline on religious objection to autopsy

Sandusky scandal prompts child abuse bill in Senate

Rep. Fitzgibbon holds press conference on his version of a plastic bag ban

Plastic bottles could be banned under proposal

Bags and Beverage Deposits: A preview of two bills scheduled to be heard tomorrow

Rep. Larry Haler: “We have reached the breaking point”

On The Impact tonight: Rep. Marko Liias on Gov. Chris Gregoire’s proposal to legalize same-sex marriage


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