Erin Flemming

A passionate and motivated University of Washington graduate seeking a career in public relations

Selected writing samples

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Puyallup boys pitching business idea to Warren Buffett

This story appeared on the front page of the Seattle Times on Friday, May 18. In addition to meeting with the boys in the competition and their mother, I worked closely with PR professionals as sources to write an accurate and compelling story. 

Drivers fill up with pain as gas prices soar

This story serves as testament to my ability to complete quality work under deadline. I completed this story in less than eight hours– and it proved to be my most popular story. It made the front page of the Seattle Times on Monday, May 14, and the online version of the article got 282 comments. While working on this piece, I conducted online research, found sources to interview at a gas station, contacted PR professionals for comment and compiled information for charts and an infographic. 

In Person: Jane Park shines with nail polish startup

I wrote this profile of Seattle entrepreneur Jane Park for the “In Person” business profile the Seattle Times business section publishes periodically. This article shows my attention to detail and ability to write a compelling piece that not only highlights Park’s entrepreneurial ventures, but speaks to her personality and perspective in business. 


For a sample of my public speaking and video editing experience, check out my reel here.


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